COVID Loss Camps

Comfort Zone Camp will hold both in-person and virtual camp programs specifically for children, young adults, and parents/guardians who have experienced a death due to COVID.

These programs are made possible thanks to a generous grant from The Brave of Heart Fund.

*Priority is given to families of healthcare workers who died from COVID. Other loss types are accepted based on availability.

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In-Person Camps

February 3-5, 2023 at Warren Willis Retreat Center in Fruitland Park, FL

  • Ages 7-17

Camp Activities

Includes games, arts & crafts, bonfire, and Healing Circle support groups where kids can connect with their peers.

The Impact

Campers leave the camp “bubble” transformed with a community, coping skills, and new friends who “get it”.

About The Brave of Heart Fund

The Brave of Heart Fund was founded in May 2020 by the foundations of Cigna and New York Life and administered by E4E Relief. It was established to provide charitable grants and emotional support services to families of frontline healthcare workers, volunteers and support staff whose lives were lost in the fight against COVID-19. The Brave of Heart Fund continues to honor the hard work and sacrifice of healthcare workers and their families, via grants to nonprofit organizations working to address the long-term challenges they continue to experience.


“I’ll be honest, I did not expect CZC to change my life or my kids like it has over the past year.  After losing my James and seeing my kids lose their daddy we found our safe bubble at camp. Knowing that we were with other people who understood our pain and what we were experiencing allowed us the opportunity to be ourselves and open up without fear of judgement. I really can’t wait until we can be at camp again, not just for my kids but myself also.”

Jerri Vance, Camper Mom and Parent Camp Participant

“My son Derek was 9 when we lost his father to COVID in Dec 2020.  It was such a sudden and unexpected loss and with being isolated I had no idea where to turn to get support for him and also for myself.  I heard about CZC and…I couldn’t believe how welcomed we felt when we arrived.  My son felt so comfortable and so understood by the volunteers and the other children that he left the camp as a completely different kid who was willing to deal with his grief.  He was even willing to get on stage and talk about his dad in front of the entire camp!  
Upon hearing there will be a camp specifically for kids who lost a parent to COVID, I am so grateful for this as he has been waiting to have other children to share this sad experience with on an even deeper level. We have not encountered other children with the same loss and I know he longs for that connection.
The [parent/guardian] camp was intense and worthwhile as well, and you make lifelong friends who understand what you have been through.  I can’t say enough about this wonderful organization and how grateful we are for all the volunteers.”

Valerie Rosaly, camper parent