– Catherine

Before CZC, Hana was angry and closed-down. Always close to me and
very affectionate, after her Dad died she had started stiffening up
when I showed affection. She also had stopped talking with me.

I saw an overwhelming change as soon as I picked her up at CZC. She
came up to me and hugged me for a long time, and shared stories about
the weekend. She even held my hand in the car and called me
“Momasita”! Later, she hugged her brother and they seemed more
connected than ever.

My son still presents the same, but he told me he wants to come back
next year, so I know it was great for him.

I will say that, in particular, both kids were changed through hearing
others’ stories. They were very moved by this process, and it confirms
that the isolation among peers (and even among family members) is a
major cause of the hurt.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I feel that I got my daughter back!

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