Message From Our Founder

FounderComfort Zone and the important work of helping grieving children hold a special place in my heart. Having lost my own parents by age 12, I understand the importance of letting grieving children know they are not alone, breaking their isolation and getting them back to being kids again. Through recognizing that need and combining it with my love for summer camp, CZC was born. Incredibly, 20 years have gone by, and equally incredible, 20,000 children have attended our camps — all at no cost.

This organization was built on an unparalleled passion and love for helping grieving children grow and heal in a camp environment.  Those who’ve experienced the “camp bubble” have had the unique privilege of seeing grieving kids blossom, grow and heal right in front of our eyes.  It’s powerful and life-changing. That’s the magic of what CZC does.

Now as we celebrate our 20th anniversary, we also celebrate the 20,000 kids and thousands of volunteers who’ve attended our camps and essentially have become family. Through our growth, we have positioned ourselves to help new families and provide a fun and safe healing community for many more in the future. We believe the best is yet to come. Together, let’s make more magic happen and healing occur.


Lynne B. Hughes
Founder and CEO