In-Person Camp Programs

Traditional 3-day Overnight Camp Program

Our traditional program offers kids ages 7-17 a safe and fun environment at a rustic camp facility – campers connect with their peers and learn coping skills through age-appropriate activities and discussions. Campers are matched one-on-one with a Big Buddy adult mentor who provides encouragement and support throughout the weekend. Youth meet in age-based support groups facilitated by a mental health professional, called Healing Circles, where they can share and reflect on their grief experience. By the end of the weekend, campers leave the “bubble” with a community, a sense of connection, and coping skills for their grief journey.

Parent/Guardian Camp Program

At this program parents/guardians also spend the weekend at the camp facility participating in a separate program similar to the traditional 3-day overnight camp program. On Friday, campers and parent/guardians are separated from their child(ren) for the weekend. Throughout the weekend parents/guardians have the opportunity to connect with their peers within their own Healing Circles to learn coping skills to support themselves and their children. On Sunday, parents/guardians will come together with their children at the end for a camp-wide memorial service.


A Parent’s Message:

“This weekend had a more positive effect on my girls and me than anything else that we have done or that anyone else has done for us over the past 13 and a half months of our ordeal. The girls and I have already decided that we are CZCers for life! The camp literally changed our lives for the better, and my girls made me promise that we will attend your camps at every opportunity. Thank you so much for what you have done for our family!”

– Nick Gaudio, October 2020 Family Camp Participant

What Stinks

Here is a list created by 10 & 11-year-old CZC campers about “what stinks” after losing a loved one. So, what stinks? Losing memories, being sad, being scared, the pressure of expectations. What helps? Finding a community that understands and cares. Finding The Bubble!