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Comfort Zone at Home

When we chose our theme of 2020 Vision for the year, there was no way for us to know just how much that vision of the year would change. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Comfort Zone Camp had a new challenge placed in front of us – how can we bring the CZC Bubble into our camper’s homes…that’s why we created Comfort Zone at Home!

Comfort Zone at Home has all your campers’ favorite activities from an in-person camp program: icebreaker games, big buddy share, memorial service, healing circles and FUN! 

What Our Camper’s Had To Say…

Comfort Zone at Home camper, Samantha, explains why she enjoyed our virtual program and gives tips for new campers.

“Camp was a fun way to connect with other kids that had lost someone like me. It helped me open up about what I had been through and I really liked meeting all the other counselors and hearing other kids stories.” – Cayden

“I loved the camp because everyone in the camp lost someone and now I know that I’m not alone.  I also loved it because when someone cried people supported them.” – Jade

“I love Comfort Zone Camp and it’s really fun!  My Big Buddy is AWESOME!  Thanks for having camp and making it awesome!” – Aubrey

What Our Camper Parents Had To Say…

“Just want you to know so heard from Jade that she had a great time at camp. She seemed proud that she was able to share about her dad. At camp in February, she wasn’t able to, so this is progress. I wanted to give you this feedback because I really hope that even after COVID- you guys consider doing virtual camp sessions year round. (In addition time real, in person camp!) I feel that she, and others, would benefit tremendously from having this support year round. Thank you!!” – Rosa, Camper Parent

“Camp was a powerful and transformative experience for Cayden. Realizing that he was not alone as a child who had lost a parent made him feel seen and connected to the other campers, and gave him new ways to speak and share about his dad’s death. He loved camp, and is already asking when he can come back. Thank you to you and the whole team for this incredible space you’ve created for kids who need it most. We are incredibly grateful.” – Madeline, Camper Parent


Great question! Our virtual programs still contain the core elements that make our in-person camp magic work. We get together for ice breakers, a Big Buddy share, and we break out into our smaller healing circle groups! Many programs also include a memorial service or a virtual bonfire filled with camp songs at the end! Each program schedule is a little different so be sure to contact a youth and family coordinator if you have more questions.

We host all of our virtual Comfort Zone at Home programs via Zoom! You will need to have access to reliable internet as well as a device for your child to join the video call. This handy site can give you some more information on device compatibility with Zoom. Most of our campers "zoom" in from a laptop or tablet.

As always, our programs are 100% FREE for all of our camper families.

Yes! We do require a parent/guardian to stay in the home in case of technical issues.

If you have multiple campers in your home attending the same virtual program it is important that each camper has their own device and access to their own quiet space.

Head over to our event calendar to see upcoming programs. Each dropdown will have specific info on how to register for each program. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact one of our Youth and Family Coordinators: Kim Elder at or Callee Miller at