5 Tips for Navigating Grief Around The Holidays

Holidays can be hard to navigate after a loss. It is important to be kind to ourselves during this time. This year may be extra challenging with the added layer of “life grief” loss that COVID has brought—loss of connections with family, friends, and traditions.

CZC Founder Lynne Hughes offers this advice:

1. Find some way to “connect” with your loved ones.

Hang a stocking for them, have each member of the family write a letter to them, or leave pieces of paper by the stocking, write a memory and place it in the stocking and share them on Christmas Day, cook one of their holiday favorites dishes, light a special candle or hang a special ornament.

2. Don’t feel compelled to re-create past holidays.

Give yourself permission to do whatever you need to do to get through the holidays, even if that means breaking with every tradition you ever had. Ask your kids what tradition is meaningful to them and incorporate those if possible.

3. Be prepared for a blue January.

Many compartmentalize their grief to get through the holidays and as soon as they get to Jan. 2, the winter blues hit hard.

4. Plan Ahead.

Anticipate tough situations and tricky relatives. Manage your time. Forward plan for something fun to look forward to in 2021 maybe a vacation or weekend getaway.

5. Practice Self-care.

Exercise, meditate, change the four walls! Connect with others even virtually organize meets ups with friends or relatives, attending a support group to be with people who understand, etc.

Check the CZC website for workshops, support groups, resources, and camps for you and your kids! comfortzonecamp.org

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