How to make a “Care Tag” at home

Every piece of clothing usually comes with a care tag, which you can find on the inside of the clothing. Different types of clothing need different kinds of care. Some can be machine washed while others may need to be dry cleaned only. Care tags help people learn the best way to care for their clothes. Just like every piece of clothing is unique and needs special care, every person who has experienced a death is unique in the way they grieve and also in the way they take care of themselves in the process.

One way we can make sure others understand the care we need it to create a care tag for ourselves. Here are the materials you will need to create your own care tag at home:

Download our care tag template OR Individual tags from a craft store

– String or ribbon

– Hole punch

– Markers or pens


Here’s how to create your care tag:

– Draw a care tag yourself or download our template. You can also buy black tags from your local craft store.

– Write down ways you would like others to support you during your grief journey.

– You can also write down some of the ways you can take care of yourself when you are grieving. This can include coping skills you’re already using or ones you would like to try!

– Place your tag somewhere you can see every day (on the fridge, by your desk, etc.) and use it as a little reminder to care for yourself.

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