Tips to Navigate Disruption

We are all experiencing disruption in our daily lives. This is uncharted territory for us, but is an extra confusing and even worrisome time for our kids. Here are some practical tips to help navigate this time:

  • Understand that kids are experiencing “life grief.” They are “grieving” the disruption of their daily lives – sports seasons canceled, proms, spring concerts, graduations and more! This is especially true for Seniors in high school and college. Expect emotions like sadness, anger and confusion. Life as they know it has changed and there is not a clear end insight.
  • Validate whatever your kids are thinking or feeling is okay.
  • Remain calm and reassuring: Kids will take their lead from you.
  • Be honest and talk in age appropriate language.
  • Monitor and limit TV and social media.
  • Make this an opportunity to do some family activities you wouldn’t do otherwise—plant a garden, have game nights, bake, do some DIY projects, start a book club, etc.
  • Look for the something good from something bad and point out those moments!

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Lynne B Hughes
Founder & CEO

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