– Devon Kleindienst

I wanted to let your organization know how much my son Max enjoyed camp this weekend. He really bonded with his big buddy Spiro, and has not stopped talking about him. He also can’t wait to go again next year and he wanted to know if it was possible for him to be paired with Spiro again, if he were volunteering.

Thank you all for providing such an excellent experience for children who have had their lives turned upside upside down by grief. Especially for Max, who lost his father, having a positive male role model is so important for him. Spiro gave him a necklace, and even his socks because I had a moment of forgetfulness while packing and forgot to pack socks for Max.

I cannot express how grateful I am that Max was able to have such an awesome camp experience this weekend. Thanks to you, Spiro, and all the other volunteers who made this weekend a positive and memorable experience for Max and all the other kids.

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