What Our Campers Say

I started going to Comfort Zone Camp at the age of eleven in April of 2006, only six months after my dad had passed away. Life felt almost unbearable when it came to losing my dad, and I never thought I would be able to get through it. Until I found Comfort Zone. It was the first place as a kid that I walked into that everyone treated me like a normal kid, I finally felt like I didn’t have the word different written across my forehead. CZC gave me the coping skills I needed to go back into the real world with that I could utilize against those who were bullies, on my bad days, and even on my good days when I felt guilty for being happy again without my loved one being present. Had my mom not found CZC all those years ago I wouldn’t be the person I am today, and for that I am so completely blessed. I continue going to camp as a volunteer because I can think of no better way to repay the help of all the big buddies and healing circle leaders gave me for many years. To experience a weekend at Comfort Zone Camp is a complete gift for me, one that doesn’t have to be wrapped. We are a big family, free of judgment, and full of love. What more could you ever want?

– Niki Russo, CZC Camper Turned Volunteer

“I kinda wanted to go to CZC but I kinda didn’t. I was scared to go because I had never been separated from my dad for that long of time. But I wanted to go because my sister was going to be there too. Camp was so much more than what I expected it to be. I thought everyone would be sitting in a circle crying about their loved ones, but it’s not all like that! I had so much fun.”

– Diane, 15

“Each camp makes me feel like my soul has taken a shower. My loss had been the mud puddle and Comfort Zone helps clean it off of me.”

– Tyler, 12

“Comfort Zone has changed my life for the best. I don’t know where I would be without it. I consider Comfort Zone my home away from home, and the people there as my second family. When people ask me to tell them what happens during a weekend at Comfort Zone, I tell them it’s too good for words to describe, but it’s the best thing I’ve ever done with my life.”


– Matt, CZC Camper Turned Volunteer

“I thought CZC was just going to be a lot of emotional stuff. But it wasn’t. It was more than I could’ve ever imagined. I would live at CZC if I could. It’s like my second family.”

– Steph, 15

“It is hard to tell my friends that I go to Comfort Zone Camp because they just don’t understand, they just don’t ‘get it.’ Nobody understands, until I get to Comfort Zone Camp, where everyone understands.”

– David, 12