What Our Volunteers Say

This year’s theme: BELIEVE. I believe in the most resilient & inspiring little buddies. I believe in the generosity of amazing volunteers. I believe in the power of community. I believe in the special bond that can be formed in just three days. I believe in being present for one another. I believe in heart, soul and LOVE making a difference. I BELIEVE in Comfort Zone Camp!

– Rachel Kamrasch

So grateful for another weekend in the bubble to grieve, heal and grow with a huge community I get to call my family. I continue to be amazed every camp at the bravery, resiliency and honesty these campers show up with. They teach me so much and I am honored to be a part of their grief journey. There’s no way I’d rather spend my weekend and no way to truly describe the CZC experience until you’ve experienced it yourself. I get a lot of weird looks at first when I say I’m going to grief camp for the weekend, and while there are tears and hard moments there’s also amazing laughter and growth that I get to be a part of. CZC has helped me become the person I am today, and sometimes I feel I’m getting more out of it then the campers. Then I get a massive hug from my (shy) camper at the end of the weekend, thanking me for supporting them and engaging in a massive snowball fight and asking if I’ll be back next year. Heck ya kid, we’re family now and I’ll always be here for you. Thank you Comfort Zone Camp.

– Brittany Grabau