What Our Parents Say

I couldn’t be happier with this program. How did Isabella make out? Let’s just say she’s been crying ever since we left camp. Makes me happy because that means she’s had the best time, and FINALLY doesn’t feel alone. We’ve decided to make it an annual tradition in honor of her father…and the husband I married. She’s already requesting to connect with her CZC buddy TOMORROW.

– Iesha Elliott, Camper Parent

Nico had a great time, he made a friend and will be recommending the program to a classmate that lost her dad. He feels better about his guilt and had a great time with his big buddy Adam (first time buddy). His healing circle leader also said he spoke up early and encouraged his circlemates to open up.

-Denise, Camper Mom

Before CZC, Hana was angry and closed-down. Always close to me and
very affectionate, after her Dad died she had started stiffening up
when I showed affection. She also had stopped talking with me.

I saw an overwhelming change as soon as I picked her up at CZC. She
came up to me and hugged me for a long time, and shared stories about
the weekend. She even held my hand in the car and called me
“Momasita”! Later, she hugged her brother and they seemed more
connected than ever.

My son still presents the same, but he told me he wants to come back
next year, so I know it was great for him.

I will say that, in particular, both kids were changed through hearing
others’ stories. They were very moved by this process, and it confirms
that the isolation among peers (and even among family members) is a
major cause of the hurt.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I feel that I got my daughter back!

– Catherine

I wanted to let your organization know how much my son Max enjoyed camp this weekend. He really bonded with his big buddy Spiro, and has not stopped talking about him. He also can’t wait to go again next year and he wanted to know if it was possible for him to be paired with Spiro again, if he were volunteering.

Thank you all for providing such an excellent experience for children who have had their lives turned upside upside down by grief. Especially for Max, who lost his father, having a positive male role model is so important for him. Spiro gave him a necklace, and even his socks because I had a moment of forgetfulness while packing and forgot to pack socks for Max.

I cannot express how grateful I am that Max was able to have such an awesome camp experience this weekend. Thanks to you, Spiro, and all the other volunteers who made this weekend a positive and memorable experience for Max and all the other kids.

– Devon Kleindienst

When my children’s mother passed, it was Comfort Zone that was honestly the savior. I am forever in debt to this organization.

Of course when it happened I immediately got them into therapy, but it was only after attending the camp that I could see a clear difference in both of them. I believe just knowing they are not alone, that other children their age are going through the same feelings, the same pain, who understand them, has helped their healing tremendously.

So….. All that being said, I’ve made it my mission to help out and make sure that this program continues and that children that really need it are able to attend, including my own.

– Christopher Riley, NJ

“I would have to say, this was one of the best decisions I made for my sons to attend this camp to help them through the first year of their farther’s passing. [They weren’t] that excited about attending the camp, but when I picked them up, they wanted another day to spend with their big buddies and new friends. My oldest son wants to volunteer now and they both talk about attending the camp again. This experience helped me as well because I saw other parents/caregivers still grieving along with me. I knew I wasn’t the only one.”

– Camper Parent