What Our Campers Say

I started going to Comfort Zone Camp at the age of eleven in April of 2006, only six months after my dad had passed away. Life felt almost unbearable when it came to losing my dad, and I never thought I would be able to get through it. Until I found Comfort Zone. It was the first place as a kid that I walked into that everyone treated me like a normal kid, I finally felt like I didn't have the word different written across my forehead. CZC gave me the coping skills I needed to go back into the…
– Niki Russo, CZC Camper Turned Volunteer

What Our Volunteers Say

This year’s theme: BELIEVE. I believe in the most resilient & inspiring little buddies. I believe in the generosity of amazing volunteers. I believe in the power of community. I believe in the special bond that can be formed in just three days. I believe in being present for one another. I believe in heart, soul and LOVE making a difference. I BELIEVE in Comfort Zone Camp!
– Rachel Kamrasch

What Our Parents Say

I couldn't be happier with this program. How did Isabella make out? Let's just say she's been crying ever since we left camp. Makes me happy because that means she's had the best time, and FINALLY doesn't feel alone. We've decided to make it an annual tradition in honor of her father...and the husband I married. She's already requesting to connect with her CZC buddy TOMORROW.
– Iesha Elliott, Camper Parent

What Our Partners Say

Since 2012, the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation's Partnership with the Comfort Zone Camp and their professional, compassionate staff has provided the unique opportunity for children and stepchildren of firefighters who have died in the line-of-duty to meet other children from across the country who have experienced a similar loss. The camp atmosphere of healing helps our campers better understand their grief while learning skills to cope with their loss in everyday life.
– Eric Nagle of the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation